Bek Vulic

Barre Teacher Training ~ The Barre Project

Barre instructor Bek Vulic performing leg raises at our boutique studio in Newtown.

Why are you passionate about what you teach?

What I love about teaching barre is seeing the growth and fight in my students! Seeing them hold a little longer or drop that inch lower is the best feeling.


How would you describe your classes 

A high-energy, challenging (but in a good way) workout! Most importantly, I promise a lot of fun and a cheeky laugh!


Your favourite holiday destination



Tell us something you love to do outside of the studio

I’m a dancer, so I spend a lot of my weekends dancing at fun gigs around Sydney! I love the sun and the sea, so whenever I can, I’m at the beach!


What inspires you 

As a teacher, I’m inspired by the improvement and growth in my students! As they become stronger and more confident, I’m inspired to be more creative and deliver classes that are more challenging.